Behind an Alpha Female is a Rock

This International Women’s Month, I’m encouraging my female friends to join the #HairforHer pledge, a pledge of women to grow their hair for a purpose – to donate it to organizations that create wigs for indigent cancer patients. I was also fortunate enough to meet and converse with powerful and changemaker women around the globe, and for this blog – I will be featuring an Alpha Female.

Monette Rockymore is the founder of Alpha Female Company, a fashion startup based in San Francisco, California. Monette has been called an “Alpha Female” by her friends and colleagues due to her rigorous work performance, positive mindset, and work and life balance – just to name a few. Her family and friends looked up to her and ask her for advice. This prompted her to create the Alpha Female Company, which stemmed from her nickname itself – “Alpha Female.” 

Monette knew that not every female was given a chance to take leadership roles in work or to be recognized in general. Coming from the Bay Area, she also often saw more suit up or executives men than women and she chose to challenge the status quo. The Alpha Female Company is created on a mission to empower women. Through their products, they allow women to move freely, work comfortably, and be presentable. In order to hit the target or to reach the top, one has to be flexible. The Mountain Test, a test that dictates the relevance of a thing explains the company’s mission and vision. If you carry less, you will be able to climb the mountain easily. The same applies to clothes, if you wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely, working will be easier. 

Monette Rockymore is an Ambassador of United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS).

As an Alpha Female, Monette is more than just a founder and owner of a company. She is also a wife, mother, sister, friend, volunteer, and employee. Her duties and responsibilities do not begin at 9 and end at 5. She wakes up early, takes care of her family, manages the house, works and manages a laboratory, and works for the company after her 9-5. When asked how she manages to do everything all at once, Monette said that it was because she has a solid foundation or rock. She knew that she can rely on her husband when things don’t go easy. Her family has been so supportive of all her projects since Day 1 and the circle of friends that she has is only one call away. She emphasized that having a support system pushed her to move above and beyond and a reminder that she always has a rock to rest.

The support system that she has also allowed her to contribute her time and expertise to those in need, especially during this unprecedented time. Raising awareness and educating the public about the importance of organ donation is what she does as an Ambassador of the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS). During our conversation, Monette also shared her appreciation to the youth and dropped this wisdom for us. Here are just some of it:

Having a rock is important. Her husband and family’s support allowed her to create Alpha Female Company. Because of this, those people who suddenly and unexpectedly hop-off did not hurt her. She knows that she has her family and friends to rely on.

The reason why she keeps moving forward is her faith. It is her biggest rock, whenever she feels overwhelmed, she just holds on to her faith and thinks of solutions to her challenges. “Faith moves mountains. Keep your faith and belief as strong as the hardest rock, it is the best weapon ever!” She owes everything to her savior and she gives back to her community through Alpha Female Company as a sign of never-ending gratitude towards Him.

Your mindset will help you reach your dreams. Don’t allow negative thoughts to fill your mind, and always choose to see the beauty in all things and people. Monette also shared how she doesn’t take things for granted. She is proud to say that she has a very humble beginning and acknowledged how her roots helped her to get where she is right now. Appreciate.

Triple-A or “Your Attitude, not your Aptitude, determines your Altitude.”

“You will encounter a lot of mistakes, but if you know where you are heading and really love what you’re doing, you will encounter more people and situation that will give you more wisdom to know the solutions.”

Monette rockymore 

“Just jump and do it!” The power of starting now weighs. It’s not about having many products or services, but about putting it to action. Nothing will happen if we just sit there and think of what could happen.

Expect Failures. You don’t need to figure out everything yet. “You will encounter a lot of mistakes, but if you know where you are heading and really love what you’re doing, you will encounter more people and situations that will give you more wisdom to know the solutions.”

“I don’t feel like I’m working.” Starting your own company or something you love doing makes time faster.

Monette embodies the characteristics of an Alpha Female, but most importantly, she wants to empower more women through her fashion start-up and through her actions. If you want to get connected with Monette and to learn more about her fashion start-up, feel free to visit their website at


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