Empowering HER through HAIR (#HairforHer Pledge)

It’s been years since I let my hair grew this long, five years to be exact. I can still remember when I still have long hair, I was a Communications Major Freshman then and I traveled back and forth from province to city for university. Since the commute to the city is real and hassle and every second counts, I would ride a UV with wet hair. Aside from being wet, it’s also heavy. I have thick and natural very black hair, so you can imagine the struggle of a freshie like me, especially when I’m running late. Luckily, my hair does not need treatments and such, thanks to my genes that make it shiny. It saves me time and of course, money. 

When my hair finished its own work of drying, I would tie it in a nice bum. Bum is my best friend, it keeps me organized and makes life so much easier. I would not go outside uni without a bum on, commuting is a real thing and I don’t want my hair to be all over the place or my face when I ride an open window jeepney. We all hate the flying buhok (flying hair), don’t we? That’s my hair routine back when I have long hair. Things changed when I continued my college in my province. I asked the hairstylist to chop my hair off and she did. It was a Dora-length and since then, my hair would only grow a few inches. Trim is the key! My friends would call me Dora because it was also the time when I travel a lot.

But because of the COVID-19, I unintentionally let my hair grow. Salons are closed and my mother is busy to chop it off for me. So, it was growing long now and it suddenly hit me that I’ll be graduating this May 2021 and the graduation picture is just a matter of when. I’m intentionally letting it grow, with intentions to chop it off a day after the graduation (no kidding!)

Recently, my high school best friend Ange told me about a hair donation drive and that gave me an idea to donate mine as well. There’s a phrase that says “A woman’s hair is her crown and glory” and we cannot deny the fact how we give importance to it. There are a lot of hair care and treatment products in the market and their sales are consistent. For instance, here in our place, you will see a lot of fine, long, and straight hair during December (and somehow symbolizes the “bonus season”). In general, we, women, are hair conscious and we always wish for good hair days.

However, not everyone has the choice to grow their hair, like cancer patients and those with alopecia. I personally witnessed my grandmother and other family members lose their hair due to breast cancer. Losing their hair due to the on-going treatments is not a choice, but a necessity in order to be healthy again. Also, the hair wigs can be pretty expensive, especially when it is made from a real hair. With this, I pledged to grow my hair back and donate it to organizations that are providing wigs for those who cannot afford it. In the next paragraphs, I will be listing down organizations where you can donate your hair and how you can donate it.

Hair for Hope is an advocacy of HEADS by volu-Med Salon and The European Hair Factory, Inc. to encourage hair donations for partner hospitals and their patients. They partnered with hospitals, such as the Makati Medical Center and Asian Hospital. If your hair is treated, bleached, colored, or rebonded, Hair for Hope is the right organization for you!

How to donate your hair?*

1. Donated hair should be at least 12 inches or 30.5 cm long, braided before cutting, and sealed in a plastic bag, with donor name, email address and social media account.

2. You may have your own hairstylist cut the hair then send to Hair for Hope via courier.

3. If you choose to get your hair cut at HEADS by volu-med Manila, there is a discounted service fee of Php 400.00 that will be charged.

4. After sending your donation, a Certificate of Donation may be requested by sending email to salonheadsph@gmail.com

5. Send your package at HEADS by volu-med Salon, G/F Unit 133 Shangri-La Hotel Makati, Ayala Avenue cor Makati Avenue, Makati City, Philippines. Mobile number 0917-5860145.

HEADS by volu-med salon is located at G/F Unit 133 Shangri-La Hotel Makati, Ayala Avenue corner, Makati Avenue, Makati City, Philippines and is open every day from 10 AM to 7 PM.

The Makati Medical Center recently opened a hair donation drive and would turn over the donated hairs to cancer patients. A minimum length of nine (9) inches is required. However, chemically-treated hair is not qualified under this. The donated hair must be ponytailed and dry and sealed inside the zip lock or resealable plastic bag, together with your full name, contact number, and email address.

A woman’s hair is her crown and glory and this Women’s Month, let’s all use our hair to empower her.


As I mentioned a while ago, a woman’s hair is her crown and glory and this Women’s Month, let’s all use our HAIR to empower HER. And what’s more powerful than a woman passing the crown and glory to her fellow woman? Whether you already reached the minimum length and ready for the chop or letting your hair grow, let us not forget the rationale behind this – women empower women. I urged you to join this journey of empowering her through hair, and would love to see or hear your #HairforHer pledge.

Hair for Her Pledge

Post a picture or a story of your current hair or your selfie together with the caption: Empowering Her through Hair. Please also don’t forget to tag Conversations to the World on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Spread the word by tagging your BFF and by using the hashtag #HairforHer

And what’s more powerful than a woman passing the crown and glory to her fellow woman?


You can also tag me on my personal social media accounts at @ClarysJourney (Instagram and Twitter) or at LinkedIn.

Empowering Her through Hair is a pledge to let our hair grow for a purpose – to donate it to organizations that create wigs for cancer patients. Learn how you can be part of the #HairforHer movement by visiting http://www.conversationstotheworld.com @ClarysJourney

*Source: Hair for Hope Facebook Post


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