Volunteerism is fueling our future

With only 10 years left to achieve our ideal future, our world leaders are tackling on how to double the effort in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals. This new decade calls for more bold voices and actions. A new set of young heroes is already mobilizing and setting footprints for the future in achieving a better 2030. Meet the Volunteer Heroes who are bold enough to take action and selfless to include everyone in the table.

Kyo Bautista (18)

Kyo is a senior high school student who believes that volunteering is a calling or a purpose in life. He was amazed at how volunteering can change someone else’s life. “The most memorable volunteer experience for me is when I saw the participants’ effort to go to our event. They rode on a truck that morning and were earlier than us (Organizers). ” Kyo narrated his organizing and resource speaker experience from MAKABAYAN: Sto. Nino, Cagayan, an event about how their volunteering can help the country. Since then, he has becamo attached to volunteering and is looking forward to reach more.

One word to describe Volunteerism: Emphathy

2020 Volunteer Resolution: More Volunteering Engagement (SDG 17)

Nerissa Pamiloza (23)

Nerissa found volunteering as her way to find her purpose in life and as an escape. As she does more volunteering work, she was moved on how it impacts her greatly. She was expecting that through her volunteering, she can make someone’s life better, but aside from that, she found her better self. ” I am mediocre, untalented and average at all things; sometimes I have been beyond low. No one expected that an ordinary person like me with no unprecedented expertise can be a volunteer. ” She recalls her volunteer work in Malaysia through Yayasan Sukarelawan Siswa where they immersed in Sarawak community. For two weeks, they lived with the locals, share the same meal, and dance to the beat of their own cultural music. The engagement was divided by six clusters–Education cluster, Medical and Health cluster, Agri-bio and Environment cluster, Information Technology and Social Entrepreneurship cluster, Crisis and Disaster Management cluster, and Community Development/Improvement cluster. At the end of each cluster, a project was made by the team and the community in order to cater their needs. It was an intensive, but the hardest one will be saying goodbye to their friends in the community. “It was a different kind of sadness–a deep sorrow–because we know we won’t be able to see them again.” She thought that through volunteering, she can help someone, but it was her who was moved.

One word to describe Volunteerism: Mission

2020 Volunteer Resolution: To bring awareness about Environment Sustainability SDG 13)

Silver Tinambacan (21)

Silver started his volunteering journey in college when his friends asked him what he will be doing on the weekends/spare time. During that time, he does not have anything to do on the weekend and was wondering about his friends’ weekend. It was there when he knew that his friends will volunteer and he began to become curious. He asked his friends what is the volunteering engagement available and where it is. His classmates later invited him to join the National Youth Commission in its volunteering engagements. “I was assigned to translate words in a fitting section during the 3 days Medical Mission. I know that it was not by accident that I was there, seeing their smiles made me realize how volunteering can change someone.” At the end of his first volunteering, Silver committed to contribute more of his time to see more smiles.

One word to describe Volunteerism: Satisfaction

2020 Volunteer Resolution: To be more passionate and create more event that will benefit everybody and will inspire others to become a volunteer

Maria Arcela Maga (18)

Acel showed her heart for volunteering at such a young age. However, her enthusiasm was confronted by how to start it. “And then SKBP came along, and my boyfriend influenced me to be part of the Org”. Through a volunteering organization, Acel found the right place to exert her effort and share his love for others. Acel took care of grandparents and played with kids during Munting Hiling Foundation’s Christmas Party and this later fueled her to volunteer more. Using volunteering as her gratitude way became a hobby and advocacy. The smiles from her volunteering engagements inspired her to always give back. “Piso para sa pasko” or one peso for Christmas is a saving strategy that she is currently doing. “The fund will go to our needy brothers or sisters or can be donated in churches”. Indeed, a piso can make a difference.

One word to describe Volunteerism: Life-changing

2020 Volunteer Resolution: To be more active! To participate with my heart and soul.

Leo Adesna (18)

As a philosophy student, Leo looks at volunteerism at a deeper level. “I saw volunteerism as one of the key solutions of diminishing its ills”. He also mentioned that our everyday good deeds, when accumulated, can make a change. To use Bayanihan and volunteerism as a way for the betterment of humanity is his pledge.

It is without doubt that the youth are on track in making our future better. If they can do it, then we can too! Age is indeed not a criteria, young or old can make a change. Your simple action is not simple as you think it is.

Are you ready to join the movement? It only takes a heart to change someone’s life and to change the world.

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” 

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