Hello World!

Let’s make it quick. I’m Clary. 21, Student, Founder of OURS (Online Ukay Redesigned for SDGs), Changemaker of +SocialGood of the United Nations Foundation, and I write here to share positive stories with everyone in the world.

Positive Conversations worth Sharing

Sparking conversations from table to web, listening and learning from unique people. I fell in love with writing when I’m in the 6th grade, but lost the passion due to a very sad experience from it. And hey, I’m back. That’s good, right?

Too much negativity from this world inspired me to create this blog. I’m so done with it, can we pause a second and look at the brighter side? Yeah, life is hard, but there are wonderful things around ๐Ÿ™‚

I met different and inspiring people around the world and knowing their stories, I know it should be shared. That’s the WHYs of this blog. We are only starting, grab a coffee, tea or beer as we share positive stories to you, with love.

 โ€œThe art of conversation is the art of hearing as well as of being heard.โ€
โ€• William Hazlitt

So what’s your story? Share it to the world, say hi to me at worldconvos@gmail.com


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